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New IPPC report about global warming of 1,5°C

The new IPPC report was released and you can read it there. Problem of the land degradation is highlighted there, same as deforestation and we should act now, before it’s too late.

Successful reintroduction of chequered skipper butterflies in U.K.

Conservationist from Butterfly Conservation succesfuly brought back once extinct butterfly Carterocephalus palaemon back to England nature. Read more at The Ecologist

Reintroduction of wildcats in England

After 150 years, the wildcats coming back to England. Conservationist Derek Gow, who is an expert on mammal reintroductions, is building England’s first wildcat breeding complex in Devon. In three years there should be first wildcats back in the wild. Read more in Independent’s Return of England’s wildcats: animals to be reintroduced after being declared…

Deaths of birds in the Mediterranean basin: harvesting olives at night

Nature reveals terrible news about intensive olive farming in southern countries in the article Stop harvesting olives at night — it kills millions of songbirds